NEW: Cobalt Q-4 Slope Rangefinder

Introducing our newest slope rangefinder designed for the everyday golfer: The Cobalt Q-4 Slope 6x22 1300 yd Golf Rangefinder.

While our flagship Q-6 provides the ultimate in rangefinding performance, the Q-4 fulfills the needs of casual golfers and weekend warriors alike who are looking to up their skill level with a versatile, compact, and intuitive rangefinder.

"The Cobalt Q-4 is one of the fastest and most accurate rangefinders we have tested. When you want to be confident in your yardage and get back to your game, trust the Q-4 to deliver."

-Troy Giljohann, Wisco Golf Addict 

Built around IPX7 waterproof construction, crystal clear optics, red and black display options, and a fully adjustable diopter, the Q-4 Slope is our latest rangefinder for those looking for a powerful ranging tool to serve any budget.

Because we all know how much light conditions can vary throughout the game, the Q-4 Slope features our unique Adaptive Contrast Display which allows users to choose between either an auto red/black or black-only display. Best used in low light conditions, the Adaptive Contrast Display allows for comfortable ranging without losing the reticle in the shadows. When the red color display is chosen, a built-in light sensor reads the ambient light and automatically adjusts the reticle color and brightness intensity - too dark, the Q-4 automatically triggers a red display; too light, the unit kicks into a dark display. Conversely, for bright, sunny conditions, the black-only display easily cuts through high contrast targets allowing you to discern your readings in crisp detail.


-Slope Mode Button: toggle between line-of-sight and slope-compensation calculations
-PinSense Technology: easily distinguish the pin from background information
-Surge Technology: automatically activates, initiating a haptic response in the form of a vibration
-5-1300 Yard Range Effectiveness: 
450+ yards (5-1300 yd total performance / 450+ yd to pin / 1000 yd to trees)
-Magnification: 6x
-Adaptive Contrast Display: choose the auto red/black color display in low light conditions, or a crisp black display in sunny conditions
-Size: 4.6 in. x 3 in. x 1.7 in.
-Weight: 7.6 oz.
-Waterproof (IPX7)
-Lifetime Warranty
-Direct to Consumer / No Retail Markup

A dedicated slope button means no more fumbling around with complicated or time-consuming menu navigations. This feature conveniently allows you to maintain the use of precise slope-compensation calculations during normal play as well as the ability to easily disengage Slope Mode to conform to USGA tournament regulations.

Just like our premium Q-6 Rangefinders, the Q-4 also features PinSense and Surge technologies. Traditional rangefinders are often fooled by background information yielding incorrect ranges. PinSense rejects those misreadings by automatically filtering out obstructions, eliminating false readings, and providing a visual lock-on. Once the target and distance have been acquired, Surge automatically activates, initiating a haptic response in the form of a vibration. 

A quality rangefinder is a must for any serious golfer. If you aren’t getting accurate distances on every shot, you’re leaving strokes on the course.

"A quality rangefinder is a must for any serious golfer. If you aren't getting accurate distances on every shot, you're leaving strokes on the course."

-Zephyr Melton,

With repeatable performance shot after shot, you can feel confident in ditching your yardage book. All combined, these features provide visible, physical, and audible feedback so you can rest assured that the only thing holding you back is your technique (winky face emoji).