Designed for maximizing your game and for providing flexibility, the Q-6 Slope Rangefinder harnesses our Slope technology. Built around premium optics, an integrated, Brilliant Projection Display, a fully adjustable diopter, and housed within a waterproof (IPX7) aluminum housing on a magnesium chassis, the Q-6 Slope is our recommended rangefinder for those looking for the ultimate ranging tool.   

Featuring the SmartSwitch, the Q-6 Slope easily toggles Slope Mode on and off. That means no more fumbling around with complicated or time-consuming menu navigation when you need to turn off Slope Mode for regulation play. SmartSwitch conveniently allows you to maintain the use of precise slope-compensation calculations during normal play and allows you to easily disengage Slope Mode to conform to USGA tournament regulations.

PinSense and Surge technologies easily distinguish the pin from background information, automatically filtering out obstructions, eliminating false readings, and providing you with a visual target lock-on. Once the lock and distance have been acquired, Surge automatically activates, initiating a haptic response in the form of a vibration. Together, these features provide visible, physical, and audible feedback so you can be confident in your ranging.   

With repeatable performance shot after shot, you can feel confident in scrapping your yardage book.

Includes battery, carry case, and cleaning cloth.


  • Slope Compensation 
  • SmartSwitch 
  • PinSense Technology
  • Surge Technology
  • 600+ Yards (5-2500 yd total performance / 600+ yd to Pin / 2000 yd to Trees)
  • 7x Magnification
  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • Brilliant Projection Display
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Direct to Consumer / No Retail Markup

Rangefinder Manual (PDF)

Distance to Flag 600+ yds
Distance to Trees 2000 yds
Minimum Range
5 yds
Accuracy (Up to 300yds)
0.5 yds*
Acquisition Time .25-3 Seconds**
Digital Accelerometer Accuracy +/- 0.5°
Digital Accelerometer Range +30° to -30°
Magnification 7X
Objective Lens 25mm
Eye Relief 16-19mm
Diopter +-2
Light Transmission 80%
Waterproof (IPX7) Yes
Frame Material Magnesium
Body Material Aluminum and Rubber
Battery Type CR2
Battery Life 2,000 Range Cycles
Operating Temperature 23°-140°F 
Storage Temperature -13°-140°F
Weight (including battery)
10.6 oz
Dimension WxHxD
Brightness Settings 9
Units of Measure Yards/Meters
Origin Philippines

*Highly reflective targets will be acquired more quickly while less reflective targets may take longer to acquire
**Accuracy validation completed to a 2ft x 2ft white target at a distance of 300 YDS

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